Heirloom seeds

Healthy Harvest heirloom seeds give you high quality, delicious and exciting varieties of all your favourite herbs and vegetables.

Discover what veggies used to taste like before they became bland and boring supermarket sellers!

Healthy Harvest seeds are open pollinated (so you can save the seed) and are a popular choice due to their excellent quality and high germination rates.

Healthy Harvest heirloom seeds- from the garden to you!

Why raise from seed?

It’s a fun, healthy and extremely affordable way to grow your own vegetables, herbs, and companion plants.

You don’t need much space- you can grow your own food including gorgeous fresh herbs in a pot, planter box or vertical garden on the balcony or window!

Fussy kids? A number of scientific studies have shown that involving children in growing their own food increases the number of fruits and vegetables eaten, vegetable preferences, and fruit and vegetable asking behaviours, as well as many other benefits. So if you want kids to eat their veggies, start growing some seeds!

Click here to visit our online store, where you can safely and easily order and purchase a great range of heirloom seeds and other garden products.

All seeds $3 per packet plus flat rate $3 postage per order (within Australia only, excluding WA and TAS).

Free postage on orders of $25 or more.

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