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Aquaponics is a great way to grow vegetables and fish together. Aquaponics can use up to 90% less water than a normal garden whilst tripling the growth rate and doubling the amount of vegetables you can grow in the same area of soil.

How is that possible?

When plants are in the soil they have three mains factors affecting their growth:

1. Water competition (this affects how much water the plant requires and the distance it can be placed from another plant)

2. Nutrient competition (this affects how much fertiliser/manure the plant requires and the also affects distance it can be placed from another plant)

3. Light competition (plants need to grow up to the light. If you starve  a plant of light it will not grow very well and probably not yield produce)

Aquaponics eliminates 2 out of these three factors.

Aquaponics eliminates water competition because the plants have continual access to aerated water.

Aquaponics eliminates nutrient competition because the plants have continues access to the nutrients cycling though the water.

The plants still need access to light but now this is the only factor of concern.

How we can help:

Option A – We show you how and set you up for success

We’ll provide you with pump and plumbing kits so you can build the rest yourself.

We offer consultations to give you ideas and designs for aquaponics systems and where to place them.

We can design and build your system just for you, plant it out and provide fish. All you need to do is harvest.

We try to promote the reuse of recycled materials for IBC set-ups but we are able to help you source new professionally made tanks and grow beds too.

Consultations start at $60 (and 1 hour ($60) is normally sufficient) and labour is charged at $36 per hour or $240 per day (8 hours) which is a $48 saving.


Option B: We do the hard work for you so you can start your system right away!

Ready to get started with your aquaponics system but don’t want anything too complicated? A pre-made aquaponics kit could be the answer!

The kit contains the tank, grow-bed, 2 pumps (one with battery backup) and all the plumbing required for $720 including delivery (Blue Mountains and Sydney).

And if you like, we can also assemble the kit, plant it out and provide suitable fish so all you need to do is harvest.

Fill in the form below or call me on 0431 383 516 to find out more or place your order.

If you are more interested in learning about aquaponics and building your own system, we offer 2 day workshops on how to get started. Click here for more information.

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