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Blocks are back

After having a less than exceptional result using seedling cells to grow my seedlings, I have decided to keep making soil blocks for my market stall. To make this work, I purchased a new blocking machine from England. The new blocker makes slightly smaller blocks (1.5″) than the previous 2″ blocks. At the next Glenbrook market everything is back in 2″ blocks (the new machine did not arrive in time). For the April markets (and the soon to be attended Marrickville markets) most seedlings will be in the new 1.5″ blocks and remain 50c each. Larger seedlings will be in the 2″ blocks and these will cost 85c.

To find out which seedlings grow in which blocks…you are going to have to wait until the April markets or, if you own a copy, turn to page 152 of  “The new organic grower”


Stock up on spring seedlings at Glenbrook Markets this weekend

Spring is in the air here in the Blue Mountains! The king parrots and rosellas are back in town showing off their partners. Our almond and nectarine trees are blossoming and the daffodils are standing proudly. Even the beneficial bugs are dropping by for a snack!

What a fantastic time to start thinking about spring and summer food from the garden! Come down to the Glenbrook markets this Saturday morning and we’ll help you get ready for spring planting with quality products and advice.

Come down, have a chat and tell us what’s growing in your garden at the moment and what your plans are for the warmer seasons ahead.

Our greenhouse is bursting with a great supply of  chemical free seedlings to get you growing, including

lettuce,  chinese cabbage, snow peas, beetroot, spring onions, cabbage, silverbeet

Browse through our new stock of heirloom seeds ready to sow now! We’ve also got kelp meal available for sale at a great price so you can treat your plants with nutrients they’ll love.

(Remember, you can hire our gardening service or arrange a personal consultation and food garden plan if you’re after a bit of extra help or advice).

Have you got any extra produce from your garden? Why not bring it down to the ‘Swap or Sell’ Community Corner? We can sell your goodies for you for free or you can trade with other backyard gardeners!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday at the Glenbrook Infants School Rotary Markets.

P.S. have you checked out our new workshop yet? Our “Build Raised Beds like the Professionals” workshop on Saturday 3rd September is a great opportunity to learn invaluable new skills in how to build and set up your own raised bed. This is so necessary for many of us living with sloping blocks. You’ll learn side-by-side with me and my guest expert, permaculture consultant and former carpenter Gordon Williams. Fantastic skills and a light lunch all for $5!  Make sure you register your place to avoid missing out.

Tips and tricks from this month’s market: home-made fruit fly traps and vertical gardens

Thank you to everyone who braved the rainy weather and came down to the stall this morning. Today I was asked several gardening questions and I thought I should put up a few links to articles about some of what we discussed.

I spoke to one person about a home made fruit fly remedy and here is a link to a forum which describes a recipe. There are many home made recipes if you Google “Homemade fruit fly trap”.

Another person was looking to use their small city balcony to plant a few vegies and I mentioned that you can use a wooden pallet stood upright to make a vertical garden. Here is a great step-by-step guide on how to make one.

See you all next month.


Fresh vegies and Winter sun at the Glenbrook Market this Saturday!

Glenbrook Rotary Market is on this weekend!

If you have any excess food grown in your backyard then please bring it down to our “Community Corner” of our stall, and we will sell it on your behalf for FREE!

If you DON’T have any extra produce, then you probably need to

a)buy some delicious organic fruit and veg. from John and the gang at the Nashdale Fruit Co. stall (once you taste their apples, there’s no turning back!)


b) pick up a few seedlings and a packet of seeds from us at the Healthy Harvest stall on the way home!

Hope to see you there!

Glenbrook Market reflections

Thank you to everyone who dropped by the stall today! It is wonderful to hear about the successes people are having with their seedlings from previous months’ markets.

Next month’s market is on Saturday April 16. If you have any suggestions for new seedlings you would like us to grow, or seeds to stock, please email us and we will do our best to have them ready for next month’s market. Please also bring any excess produce from your garden to sell at the Community Corner!

Also, remember to subscribe this month to our blog to get free food garden advice and information, as well as a chance of winning 5 Healthy Harvest seed packets of your choice.

We love learning about tricks and tips you have discovered, as well as any garden dilemmas you might be facing. For example, everyone has been talking about the lack of fruit on their pumpkins and zucchini this season, regardless of where they bought their seedlings. Don’t be too disheartened- the damp and cool weather has been unfavourable for fruiting plants in general. Remember the basics: make sure your plants have lots of food, ie. compost, check your soil PH as our soil tends to be acidic (6.5-6.8 is best for happy cucurbits).

If you are unsure how to do PH tests, try this simple home test or buy a test kit from a nursery. Alternatively, a handful of lime (or pure hardwood ash) per square metre  is usually enough to reduce the acidity. If you have other queries or dilemmas, why not ASK DAN? for some free advice?

NB: Last month’s heatwave severely stressed some of our seedlings. If anyone has had problems with seedlings purchased at the February market, such as bolting or lack of growth, please come see us at next month’s market and we will replace any problem seedlings free of charge.

Lots of seeds

I have spent the last 3 days weighing and bagging seeds for this month’s markets. I have a good selection of winter seeds and am happy to look into getting anything you suggest. If I don’t have it, please don’t be shy- just ask me! All of my seeds are open pollinated and untreated but I would be interested in seeing how many people would like to buy strictly “Organically  Certified” seed so I can see whether to keep stocking it. Again please let your voices be heard either here or at the market. See you on Saturday!

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