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Healthy Harvest in the news

This week I was interviewed by a journalist at the Illawarra Mercury newspaper regarding the organic gardening workshop I’m teaching in Wollongong next weekend, as well as organic gardening in general. You can read the article here, and check out the workshop details here.


Solar power stations set for NSW, Qld

How to use RSS subscriptions to read blogs

If you click the bottom right on the YouTube screen (with the arrows) you will be able to view this in full screen mode.

U.N: Small-Scale Farming Could Double the World’s Food Production

Solar flagship program (and a little bit of democracy) restored to Australia

Please join “Get up”, Volunteer if you have time and donate if you can afford it. Everything campaign they run is so important and they are really a voice to be reckoned with in Australian politics.

Landshare Australia

Landshare has finally come to Australia. You may be be familier with the presenter of this clip from River Cottage. If you have spare land that is going to waste then someone could turn it in to a vegie patch and share the bounty. If you have land or are looking for land please register here and watch a short video about landshare here.

“How to boil a frog”

A fun new movie about the environment with a comedy twist and designed not to frighten people away

Saddle Graft

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