I am a passionate food gardener, educator and Permaculturist. I’ve been working professionally with plants and gardens since 2006, focusing specifically on organic food gardening since 2008.

I enjoy the many benefits of fresh, seasonal produce, and the satisfaction of helping people learn to grow their own food.


I believe in producing and promoting healthy, seasonal and locally grown fruit and vegetables.

I describe my practices as ‘beyond organic’. I approach food gardening from a wholistic perspective and address issues at their core, rather than use quick-fix sprays or fertilisers, either organic or inorganic.

I take my inspiration from the principles of Permaculture, as well as organic farmers such as Eliot Coleman and Joel Salatin.

You can find out more about my work with food gardens, as well as my journey into more sustainable living in my blog as well as my recent interviews with Australian local newspaper Illawarra Mercury here, on US Permaculture podcast “Permies” by Paul Wheaton, and Australian sustainability podcast “The Greening of Gavin“.

Hi Daniel, I’ve come via Gavin’s blog where I’ve just spent the last 45 mins engrossed in your pod cast interview, bloody brilliant and inspiring thank you.

Brenda Meek, New Zealand, bregleestate.blogspot.com

Any questions, please contact me.

Thank you for looking, and happy harvests!

Daniel Hatfield

Owner and Chief Worm Whisperer

Healthy Harvest Kitchen Gardens

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