FREE WORKSHOP: Introduction to Aquaponics

Introduction to Aquaponics (2 hours) 26th May, 2-4pm

Aquaponics is a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. Aquaponics uses up to 90% less water, grows plants twice as fast, and yields more in the equivalent space than growing in soil.


On this short course we will teach you the fundamentals of aquaponics so you will be ready to either start building your own systems or perhaps take our 2 day course to further your knowledge even more.

Topics include

  • Basic design features of aquaponics systems
  • Which fish to grow for your climate
  • What plumbing is required to run a system
  • Requirements of the plants and the fish

What to bring

Please bring:

Note pad, pen and something stable to write on (clipboard etc)

a hat




What others have said about our workshops:

I had a great time…I like hands on stuff and I feel much more confident about making compost…I knew it was important for my garden and now I can do it…and using the paper and straw and pocket planting is how I am going to finish of my verge.

We loved the workshop very much and found it practical and useful.

Great fun and a good way to learn

good, very resourceful, learned a lot, true permie style – just thrown together and used what you have, got everyone involved

awesome stuff!! so inspired and knowledge hungry for more!! THANKYOU

it was informative and fun – you explained it all in a language to newbies could understand easily. Look forward to more workshops!

Absolutely loved it!

Practical, thought provoking. Made creating a garden seem like a realistic goal, even for a beginner. Lots of info, but didn’t get bogged down in the detail. I really enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed it. Thanks for having us at your home. I hope you benefit greatly as much as we have attending. I am inspired! :) good job!

We loved the workshop and learnt a lot

Length was perfect. Split between theory and practical was great. The lunch was brilliant.

Thanks Daniel. It is always great to see how people manage their own blocks. The reinforcement of good planning before execution of a (great) idea is always appreciated.

Excellent – more, more!

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Food Garden Favourites workshops are $25 per person.

This workshop is free


E:, P: 0431 383 516


About Healthy Harvest Kitchen Gardens

Healthy Harvest provides a permaculture-based kitchen garden service for existing food growers and people who are inspired to grow food. We sell fresh chemical-free seedlings, seeds and seasonal produce. We also provide educational workshops, courses, gardening consultations and services. We can help with new vegetable garden designs, maintenance of established gardens, or converting and improving existing gardens ready for growing food. Please see our website for more information: Check out our blog at for news and interesting bits and pieces.

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