New Wood Shelter

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Just a quick post on my new wood shelter. I have been wanting to build this for a while but other priorities kept getting in the way. We have  another 3 months until it’s cool enough to start using the wood stove for cooking and heating so  I thought I should get this project over and done with. The weather has been quite dry in recent months but we have had quite a lot of rain over the last 2 weeks and this has spurred me on too.

This is a pretty simple design but placement is key. A wood shelter needs to have the access side open towards the sun (north for us) and definitely not open to the south or south west. If it’s open the the south, the winter wind and rain will be driven into the shelter, making your wood wet. That’s about all you can do wrong building something like this.  So, I decided to change the position of our wood shelter from where I had originally had it (in my design) at the top of the driveway next to the aquaponics. I have decided to increase the size of the aquaponics and I also had a vacant suitable spot closer to the house.

This shelter will hold approximately 3.5 cubic metres of wood which is enough for us here in this warm temperate climate. We will have wood in other areas drying out for next year.  The size of the shelter was purely built to fit the area but I would suggest you work out how much firewood you need each year before you build the shelter.


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