Check out my interview on “The Greening of Gavin”

“The Greening of Gavin” is a terrific website dedicated to living more sustainably. I was lucky enough to be Gavin’s most recent guest on his “Meet the Green Blogger” podcast. Click here to listen. I hope you enjoy it.


About Healthy Harvest Kitchen Gardens

Healthy Harvest provides a permaculture-based kitchen garden service for existing food growers and people who are inspired to grow food. We sell fresh chemical-free seedlings, seeds and seasonal produce. We also provide educational workshops, courses, gardening consultations and services. We can help with new vegetable garden designs, maintenance of established gardens, or converting and improving existing gardens ready for growing food. Please see our website for more information: Check out our blog at for news and interesting bits and pieces.

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  1. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for the message. Sounds like you have big plans too. I used “Timbermate” in some of the floors but have now found it to be cracking. I have subsequently found out that it is a common problem with any gap fillers. I think ultimately that insulating under the floor will solve our common problem much better. I wouldn’t be worried about chooks being home alone. They can look after themselves but naturally you will need to provide them with fox protection. You could do this in a number of ways. I suggest strongly that you read this article before buying or building anything.

    If you are more of a podcast person then you can listen to a talk that the writer of the article has recorded here. You will not want a small chicken tractor after listening to or reading this article.

    Keep in touch

  2. Loved the podcast on The Greening of Gavin! Just listening now. Will check out your web site and have signed up to your mailing list. I need to make some changes so it is good to follow blogs like yours and Gavin’s for inspiration. I used to live in Lawson and am now in Stroud NSW on a sloping 1200sqm block. I’ve tried to get Solar but my house is poorly positioned and my beloved trees make it hard for the sun to get to the roof…. one day. Sadly we don’t have gas in Stroud but the coal seam gas mine wants the go-ahead down the road!
    It is good to hear a person talk about needing to implement long term plans.
    I have a water tank and, one day, I would like to get a motor so the water can be pumped up to my current vege plot.
    What product did you use to fill the cracks in the floorboards? I have this problem.
    I also have a plan to get some chooks. I keep putting it off as I am away from home for long periods during the day, ie 7am-6pm and longer. But, maybe I just need to go do it and get them! I intend to get the ‘rentachook’ product so the chooks can go from area to area and not be eaten by foxes. I had heard about the wandering dew being loved by the chooks – another incentive for me to get chooks as the property is covered by wandering dew!
    I also liked hearing you talk about reducing the driving you do each day. I currently drive a 160km round trip 4-5 days per week. Sadly, my employer is in Newcastle. Will look to change the employer… one day.
    My big fear about the veges is the possums but I have a makeshift cover at present which is kept propped up in the middle by the compost bin but I plan to build something with pickets and chicken wire … one day.
    Best stop babbling… will check out your seeds and stuff.

  3. As people have been asking, here are the links to "The Meatrix" part 1, Part 2 and Part 2.5

  4. Hi Brenda,

    Thanks for the comment. I have read the comment on Gavin’s blog about cutting the salad and I will definately think about that one. Keep in touch

  5. Hi, like dixiebelle, ive also come via gavins blog where ive just spent the last 45 mins engrossed in the pod cast, bloody brilliant and inspiring thank you. ive left a little (haha) comment with gavin for you

  6. Thanks Daniel! I’ve known of the Dervae’s family for a long time, including their recent ‘dramas’ with the terms Urban Homesteading (a term I’ve been using for a while on my blog, but I originally got the term from Kelly & Erik of ‘the urban homestead’ book!!) but yes, the amount they grow is inspiring. We are quite into permaculture (I was Admin for PermaBlitz ACT for a while there) and did have a permaculture consultant come to give my plans a once over before we started.

    In terms of vertical, I have snow peas and broad beans currently growing up a simple trellis & hook system on our front fence, hoping the neighbours & passersbby can see what is possible!

  7. Hi and thanks for the comment. 1000sqm can be a very productive size if you carefully do use it, especially the vertical space. Have a look how much this family grow on 1/5th of an acre.

  8. Just coming over Gavin’s blog to say hello! We are (slowly but surely) creating an Urban Homestead in our 1000sqm block in Canberra, just to feed & entertain ourselves! SPIN farming stuff sounds interesting…

  9. Thank you very much for listening

  10. I did enjoy it. Thanks for sharing. I am in Tasmania and am enjoying looking at your site.

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