Oranges and lemons…starting a citrus hedge

I just received a whopping great box outside my front door from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery. Daleys are in Kyogle on the north coast of NSW. I bought 4 new citrus trees which include an orange, mandarin, lemon and tangelo. The purchase was brought on by the death of our beloved lemon tree which we believe was 30 plus years old. It had not been looking well since a wallaby ring-barked it a couple of years ago (before we fenced the garden). Daleys’ stuff is great quality and the trees are often only available at certain times of the year as they grow everything themselves. You know you are getting freshly grown plants that haven’t been sitting in pots stressing for too long. The plants are a good price too. Each citrus tree was around $20 compared to $30+ from big box stores. I will be replacing a row of camellias which are in a far too sunny spot and will make a citrus hedge. Anyone who wants to come and dig out 3 camellias to take home is more than welcome to them but they need to moved by 2/4/11.


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