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About Healthy Harvest Kitchen Gardens

Healthy Harvest provides a permaculture-based kitchen garden service for existing food growers and people who are inspired to grow food. We sell fresh chemical-free seedlings, seeds and seasonal produce. We also provide educational workshops, courses, gardening consultations and services. We can help with new vegetable garden designs, maintenance of established gardens, or converting and improving existing gardens ready for growing food. Please see our website for more information: Check out our blog at for news and interesting bits and pieces.

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  1. Hi Daniel and Michelle
    Great blog.
    Houdini and Fe would be so proud of their babies (chickens). I was suprised when you said the black capsicum turns red as we have been happily eating them while black. You could have a corner of your market stall called ‘chameleon corner’ for all the vegies that feel the need to deviate from the stock standard colour and those that change colour when cooked.
    The girls are looking really healthy, what are you giving them to keep them worm and lice free?

    • Giving the chickens plenty of dry dirt to have a “Dust bath” is usually enough to control lice. We have read that feeding them grated carrots (and are doing so) reduces worm infestations. I have read in Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens that it is best to have a vet check the chickens poop periodically for worms rather than constantly give them drugs.

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