Lots of seeds

I have spent the last 3 days weighing and bagging seeds for this month’s markets. I have a good selection of winter seeds and am happy to look into getting anything you suggest. If I don’t have it, please don’t be shy- just ask me! All of my seeds are open pollinated and untreated but I would be interested in seeing how many people would like to buy strictly “Organically¬† Certified” seed so I can see whether to keep stocking it. Again please let your voices be heard either here or at the market. See you on Saturday!


About Healthy Harvest Kitchen Gardens

Healthy Harvest provides a permaculture-based kitchen garden service for existing food growers and people who are inspired to grow food. We sell fresh chemical-free seedlings, seeds and seasonal produce. We also provide educational workshops, courses, gardening consultations and services. We can help with new vegetable garden designs, maintenance of established gardens, or converting and improving existing gardens ready for growing food. Please see our website for more information: www.healthyharvest.com.au Check out our blog at https://healthyharvestnsw.wordpress.com/ for news and interesting bits and pieces.

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