Healthy Harvest Kitchen Gardens is a Permaculture based kitchen garden service located in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

We specialise in chemical-free food growing, education, and advice for the Blue Mountains and Sydney region.

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Enjoy fresh, healthy food straight from your own beautiful and productive kitchen garden!

How we can help:

Why grow your own?

Growing and eating your own food can help you

  • BE HEALTHY, freeing you and your loved ones from the chemicals and sprays used on many commercially grown crops and enriching your mineral intake

  • SAVE MONEY and gain independence from supermarket wars and whims (food prices don’t go up in the veggie patch unless you hike them yourself!)

  • HELP THE ENVIRONMENT and reduce your carbon footprint by saving food miles and using water resources responsibly

  • TEACH CHILDREN (AND GROWN-UPS) about science, gardening, and a love of good food

and of course, it’s a great excuse to get out in the garden!

Did you know…in one year, you could harvest up to 2800Kg of food from a garden space of 400m2!

One person eats about 200kg of fruit and veggies each year, so you’d have enough food for 14 people!

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s get growing!

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